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About Us

Heart to Heart Quilts Lanark County (HHQLC) is a registered charity and volunteer organization serving the area in and around Lanark County. Quilts are provided at no cost to either the requestor or recipient. Over the years HHQLC has received requests from friends and family to gift a comfort quilt to someone in need.


Partnerships have now been established with local school boards and long term care facilities to provide students and residents with a comfort quilt.


Our Motto

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Our motto is "From our hearts to your heart". This motto is reflected in the intertwined heart logo embroidered in one corner on the back of each quilt. 

What We Do


Our Mission

Create and gift handmade quilts to men, women and children of the community living with debilitating diseases or conditions.


Our Quilts

Our quilts are made with care and compassion from cotton materials to provide comfort and warmth in a time of need for those facing serious health challenges. 

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Our Organization

Our organization functions under the guidance of the Board of Directors and Operations Committee.


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